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562Brandon1518:38 22 Oct 16<decapitated> seriously though, if i wanted to waste money on an overpriced intel machine
<decapitated> id rather just buy a couple hookers
561Brandon1518:33 22 Oct 16<gurun> my IRC client pings on hookers .. does it know me that well .. hmm
560Brandon1518:31 22 Oct 16<Intyre> apples are healthy! ever tried to eat a window? | <decapitated> yes | <decapitated> they're delicious
559Brandon1519:05 24 Jun 16 PM <filfat> Intyre analms, sounds like a function that takes ms before anal insertion
558Brandon1521:19 20 Jun 16 PM <Intyre> haha i got "Undocumented!" on [mcpe] start screen :)
557Brandon1514:08 7 Jun 16<jocopa3> I found a really neat bug with buckets by accident
<jocopa3> I don't know exactly what I did, but something I did caused the damage value of the bucket in my inventory to change to 90, so now it places portal blocks
556Brandon1503:16 3 Jun 16<jocopa3> I've now found 3 ways to crash in the game :p
<jocopa3> One way is to set your gamemode to peaceful during a thunderstorm and wait for a skeleton horse trap to spawn; for some reason that crashes the game
553Brandon1521:08 28 Feb 16<deceit> don't bite my shiny metal ass
550sekjun987807:13 20 Oct 15<Intyre> can you imagine all those mc server list owners typing really fast?
545jython234[2]13:02 28 Jul 15 <PEMapModder_> The question began by someone on the TV saying, "Things people say on the TV are lies." And it confused me for my whole life.
537Brandon1581119:12 5 Jun 15<gurun> but boys.. are so much more fun ..
535Brandon1581117:48 22 May 15<Brandon15811> shoghicp, "/^((&lt;|\\[|\\()*[@%+]?([^\]>\\\)]+?)[@%+]?(&gt;|\\]|\\))+:?)/" < that's one of the regexes from the old quotes page xD
<shoghicp> Brandon15811: matches penises
533shoghicp17:17 21 May 15<Trent_> Crap i keep hitting enter
<gurun> stop hitting Enter, he might be sensitive
531Brandon1511:05 20 May 15<deceit> it's all fun and games until you strip naked in a walmart
530Brandon1517:06 14 May 15<shoghicp> SELECT * FROM moms WHERE owner = 'you' LIMIT 1;
<shoghicp> > Lost connection to MySQL server during query: ER_NET_PACKET_TOO_LARGE
529Brandon1510:28 10 May 15<NinjaKrill> jesus... reading YouTube comments is like watching a car crash on repeat
<NinjaKrill> i really, really want to look away but I just CAN'T
526NinjaKrill02:31 5 May 15<shoghicp> Brandon15811__: the channel-wide kick after Syria man anal was the best thing XD
525PEMapModder05:01 4 May 15<PEMapModder> NullFull: c how full is your array of null bytes?
<NullFull> Four people including me and a pet dog.
523deceit05:22 3 May 15NinjaKrill : NullFull: c don't ignore me damn it NullFull : *ignores you more*.
522Brandon1516:15 2 May 15<Codmadnesspro> You're a bad girl deceit
<deceit> spank me?
<deceit> please?
* Codmadnesspro slaps deceit with a large cod
<deceit> harder.
* Codmadnesspro slaps deceit with a large cod harder
<deceit> FASTER
* Codmadnesspro slaps deceit with a large cod faster
521deceit16:04 2 May 15Brandon15811__ : deceit: so I type " on my phone, and the next thing swiftkey suggests is "Vaginal" xD
520shoghicp15:56 2 May 15<Codmadnesspro> Ima spam humerusj for dik piks
516jython234[away]19:54 14 Apr 15<jython234[away]> you don't handle packets, packets handle you
<deceit> this isn't russia
515deceit14:31 14 Apr 15Codmadnesspro : I've heard about the animal wanking before on the top 10 worst jobs Codmadnesspro : Sounds like fun
514Brandon1581120:10 8 Apr 15<gurun> shoghicp, i'll do a porno video of that
513Brandon1581100:41 8 Apr 15<deceit> word of advice
<deceit> never kiss the whores
510jython23410:31 2 Mar 15<jython234> Need any help?
<ScioMin> mostly money, power and slaves, but in my spare time I play MC and code so I just came for curiosity.
508jython23423:01 21 Feb 15<jython234> NullFull: c who am I?
<NullFull> I don't know you tell me.
507PEMapModder13:03 21 Feb 15* gurun is now known as NullFul
<PEMapModder> NullFull: c what is a GURUN
<NullFull> A robot.
505sekjun987803:09 6 Feb 15Plugin Idea #1
<gurun> I was thinking that ... If I was a host provider, I would allow flying, but in every game, I would connect health with touching of blocks. So maintaining health can only be done by walking on blocks.
504Brandon1517:43 30 Jan 15<gurun> NullFull c am i a pedofile?
<NullFull> Yes.
503jython23418:07 12 Jan 15<Intyre> so essentialpe is the cause
<Intyre> and how to fix that? umm make an issue their github?
502jython23414:42 10 Jan 15<humerusj_> Intyre: r u callin meh a nub!?!?
496shoghicp12:39 21 Oct 14<shoghicp> best bug ever, gh#2205 https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP/commit/8f7dfe0b717301904b4e1d9567c7c5ff7e61983f
494shoghicp03:24 20 Oct 14<williamtdr> pocketmine 1.4 is like usain bolt with an anchor attached
<williamtdr> except you don't know why the anchor is there, it only rears it's ugly head sometimes, and you can't get rid of it
492jython23417:53 18 Oct 14<shoghicp> iOS != Android
<jython234> thank you shoghi
<shoghicp> I bought it twice ;D
491Brandon1517:05 16 Oct 14<deceit> gurun: at least she's not going in dry
490Brandon1516:55 16 Oct 14* gurun just turned of mcafee for interfering with performance tests :-(
<Intyre> you better were protection then ;)
* deceit gets the trash bags and duct tape
* gurun now performance testing with a condom over his head..difficult to breath now..uhh ..I'm aaarrrghhhhh...
489shoghicp12:01 12 Oct 14<expir3dcow> Intyre : Your insulting has had good effects :D
488shoghicp15:39 8 Oct 14<MrARM> How could he ssh into you? :p
486Brandon1510:37 30 Sep 14<shoghicp> "Where do poor noodles live? In the spaghetto."
485jy[semi-away]09:38 28 Sep 14 <gurun> I guess no one have seen shogun then.. I'm too old.
<Intyre> yes you are
484jython23417:33 27 Sep 14<gurun> Obviously there seem to be limit to how many chunks the client loads and after that it seems to start ignoring them completely, unless unloaded. Is that correct?
<Intyre> the limit is when mcpe crashes
483Brandon1517:45 17 Sep 14<KnownUnown> shame Bukkit is defunct. :|
<jocopa3> defunct
<jocopa3> if you mix the letters around you get fed cunt
482shoghicp17:36 15 Sep 14<humerusj> Now that minecraft is owned by mojang
474jython234[2]23:56 23 Aug 14 <sebagius7110> how do I register my nick
<Intyre> use google!
470williamtdr15:41 26 Jul 14Channel mode set to -q *!*@unaffiliated/ldx by "ChanServ
<LDX> shoghicp: Yay!! You're back! Plz dnt quiet me againn
Channel mode set to +q *!*@unaffiliated/ldx by "ChanServ
468jython23419:55 18 Jul 14<jython234> we need to understand LevelDB and other crap
467jython23421:21 14 Jul 14<expir3dcow> dont mind me im high.
461jython23421:38 5 Jul 14<expir3dcow> aww pacman didnt eat my dots
456jython23416:36 3 Jul 14<KnownUnown> well then screw you Intyre
455jython23416:35 3 Jul 14* KnownUnown slaps ChanServ around with a large fish
454Brandon1516:02 3 Jul 14<jocopa3> someone doesn't want a soft pussy in their lap
452Brandon1500:08 29 Jun 14<deceit> i shit you not there are more bottles of lube in this house than there is tylenol
449Brandon1516:55 16 Jun 14<Brandon15811> settings > about
<Brandon15811> Intyre, "about tablet"
<Brandon15811> Intyre, tap the version number a lot of times ;D
<Intyre> xD
<Intyre> now im hungry D:
* Intyre licks screen
<Intyre> best game ever!
448williamtdr11:53 16 Jun 14<williamtdr> NullFull: c what does deceit do when no one's looking
<NullFull> It does all your body can do.
441Brandon1518:49 14 Jun 14<tnpxxsheepdog> so i downloaded the newest phar and it's a huge list of documentation, i was so confused
<shoghicp> you downloaded the latest docs xD
432shoghicp14:15 10 Jun 14<MrARM> I can't understand asm
427Brandon1516:09 8 Jun 14<EternalConflict> Known, you are always the one humping a tree
<KnownUnown> I swear, if I don't die someday of natural causes
<KnownUnown> I'll probably die first of the conversation in this IRC channel
423Brandon1519:51 3 Jun 14<deceit> wtf did i just read up here about ham?
<MinecraftAddict> deceit, Known has an intimate relationship with a hambone
413Brandon1581120:51 21 May 14<deceit> williamtdr: it'll blow your mind that almost every cartoon in my generation and prior, had complete adult undertone
<deceit> and they weren't very subtle
<deceit> mickey mouse poking holes in swiss cheese with his dick, for example
<Darunia18> Isn't that how everyone does it?s
412LDX20:40 21 May 14<+williamtdr> so one of the veggietales songs is apparently about premarital sex
<+williamtdr> seriously, the undertones are crystal clear now
410williamtdr18:53 21 May 14<shoghicp> someone shitted
<shoghicp> a HUGE shit
<shoghicp> we splitted it after 15 minutes
<shoghicp> but it came back after each flush
409Brandon1581118:05 21 May 14<deceit> so, i just realized
<deceit> i've managed to break my cat
408Brandon1581122:01 20 May 14<Brandon15811> "one time in music class this guy called a sharp a hashtag and our teacher sent him to the office"
<Darunia18> XD My music teacher has certain classes with people just learning music, so she, sadly, has to teach them what a sharp is by telling them it's a hashtag. She hates it so much
407Brandon1581119:56 20 May 14<deceit> which is what's great about the internet
<deceit> it just proves that everyone is just as fucked up as everyone else
<deceit> in at least one way or another
<deceit> and if you claim to be normal, you're lying.
<deceit> plain and simple.
404Brandon1581120:15 18 May 14<Beast_Mode> Don't ever use trojan condoms mine broke!
400shoghicp20:46 10 May 1418<28LDX> deceit, if i was in a room with you, hitler, and stalin, and i had a gun and two bullets, id shoot you twice. xD
398Brandon1581114:22 6 May 14<deceit> music is soo damn depressing nowadays
<deceit> but this new arby's sandwich is strangely delicious
<deceit> so it all works out
395KnownUnown17:53 4 May 14 <optrusty> any if anybody needs to look at my computer I will give you RDP access and I sware to god if u do anything bad I will DDOS u
388Brandon1581118:37 27 Apr 14<LDX> I got soo horny
387Brandon15811__22:51 25 Apr 14<KnownUnown> you were right about yourself, deceit
<KnownUnown> Outside, you're an ogre
<KnownUnown> Inside, you're a fluffy rainbow unicorn
384LDX16:58 22 Apr 14<KnownUnown> it's my goddamn motherboard..
<LDX> Kill your goddamn mother with fire.
<LDX> *motherboard
383williamtdr_16:34 18 Apr 14<expir3dcow> Intyre: do you want to be friends?
<Intyre> no
382Brandon1581117:52 14 Apr 14<deceit> Brandon15811: you're in deep shit now, that sandwich was filled with amphetamine and pcp
* KnownUnown hands deceit Brandon's pants
<deceit> that escalated quickly
380Intyre12:10 14 Apr 14shoghicp: s... h... o? g.... This is a random stream of letters...
379LDX23:06 9 Apr 14<+shoghicp> I made that GUI with wxForms ;D
<KnownUnown> :D
<KnownUnown> wait wait
371deceit22:32 29 Mar 14 <+Brandon15811> deceit, you're on the internet, so it must be true ;D
367LDX22:21 27 Mar 14<LDX> Anyone got a cool server that doesnt suck?
<humerusj> No.
366LDX12:38 27 Mar 14<LDX> It doesnt work like that
<LDX> It just works that way
365william|laptop16:40 25 Mar 14<shoghicp> william|laptop: Japan is weird.
364LDX21:28 24 Mar 14<LDX> shoghicp: I reported every plugin review a banned person has made.
<LDX> Just like you told me
<+shoghicp> WTF 80 reports
363Brandon1502:11 23 Mar 14<MrQuoter> [304] <jocopa3> distracted by all the pretty colors in my lap
<jocopa3> i was not on drugs when i said that
362LDX|Laptop14:00 22 Mar 14<@shoghicp> Didn't I say that I WAS IN A CODING MARATHON?
<LDX|Laptop> you are?
<LDX|Laptop> what does that even mean?
<+Intyre> hes running on a treadmill and coding at the same time -.-
361Brandon1513:05 22 Mar 14<KnownUnown> ?
<deceit> having fun
<KnownUnown> doing god
<deceit> i hope you're wearing a condom
<deceit> who knows where that fucker has been
356Brandon1520:22 17 Mar 14<shoghicp> ButtNS <shoghicp> afraid + buttflare
355Brandon15811_08:55 12 Mar 14<deceit> i knew you'd love it
<Brandon15811_> deceit: you know me so well :')
<deceit> awww
<deceit> i'm getting all teary eyed too
<deceit> oh wait, no, i just burned my mouth on coffee... false alarm.
354Brandon1519:49 9 Mar 14<shoghicp> "The worst type of people that ever existed. Will try to scam you, then ask for help and shit on your religion."
353Brandon1519:44 9 Mar 14<LDX> I only spoon things
352Brandon1517:26 9 Mar 14<humerusj> deceit: what did you do!
<deceit> i broke the internet
* deceit gets the duct tape
<deceit> i can fix dis!
<deceit> halp! i duct taped myself to a giraffe :<
351Brandon1523:01 8 Mar 14<MinecraftAddict> did anyone make that "sudo @r tell @r @r told me you were cheating" plugin?
<LDX> What is @r?
<LDX> Random?
<MinecraftAddict> @rectal
<MinecraftAddict> comes in handy every month
350Brandon1518:20 8 Mar 14<Jocopa3> shoghicp: does your neighbor wear a batman costume and masturbate in front of your sprinkler at 3:32am every third Tuesday of the month?
347Brandon1516:55 2 Mar 14<Jocopa3> also, my school is banned from editing wikipedia, because I added a line to a page about a local river saying that people pee in it soo much animals stray away from it
345Brandon1515:04 1 Mar 14<shoghicp> TIL that throwing a HDD across the room has a faster transfer speed than a fiber optic cable.
343Brandon1501:44 1 Mar 14<MrQuoter> [332] <MinecraftAddict> love is a fun thing to explore
<LDX> girls i imagine would be very fun to explore
<LDX> o.o || <LDX> Im secretly proud of that quote
341sekjun987801:27 1 Mar 14<LDX> Ill ask $#06 tomorrow
340shoghicp10:19 28 Feb 14<plastik> ppl thought i was dead for a while
<plastik> that was kind of nice
* plastik is now known as deceit
<deceit> hence the nickname
337shoghicp10:51 21 Feb 1418<20MrARM> you need to get the pid
18<20MrARM> read more on Internet
18<28Connor4898> pid - Pelvic inflammatory disease
336Brandon1501:54 15 Feb 14<MinecraftAddict> "Special Story at 10, Masturbation leads to Perversion! Back to you, deceit"
335Brandon1523:22 14 Feb 14<LDX> OH MY GOD
<Jocopa3> you shoulda fapped, the vibrations would've helped
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