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334Brandon1518:25 14 Feb 14<Jocopa3> Jocopa3: will you be my valentine?
<Jocopa3> jocopa3: sure!
<shoghicp> ^ Jocopa3_hand
<Jocopa3> what? no, jocopa3_hand and i have "friends with benefits" relationship
333shoghicp18:11 14 Feb 14<Brandon15811> shoghicp, if you buy one for me you can be cow owner ;D
332Brandon15811__09:05 14 Feb 14<MinecraftAddict> love is a fun thing to explore
<LDX> girls i imagine would be very fun to explore
<LDX> o.o
331Brandon15811__09:03 14 Feb 14<Jocopa3> dude, like no, i've stuck my dick in crazy things, but a living organism wasn't one
<MinecraftAddict> Jocopa3, never stick your dick in crazy
<MinecraftAddict> never ever
<Jocopa3> my hands aren't that crazy...
330Brandon15811__01:12 14 Feb 14<Jocopa3> pee on her, it's the only way to mark your territory
329LDX00:48 14 Feb 14<LDX> is Shoghi really a fox-pilot with an enlarged microbe backdrop?
<MinecraftAddict> yeah
<+Brandon15811__> LDX: yes
327Brandon15811__00:39 14 Feb 14<MinecraftAddict> don't assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME
326KnownUnown23:56 13 Feb 14 <humerusj> NullFull: stop
<NullFull> You can't stop me, hahaha
<humerusj> Yes I can.
Ð NullFull quit ([email protected]/humerusj/bot/nullfull) Remote host closed the connection
325KnownUnown20:27 11 Feb 14 <+williamtdr> sure, the work of one developer can never out-do the work of a team of 20 for over a year.
324Brandon1501:50 8 Feb 14<[o__o]> alpha 1.0.7 player jerking issue: https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP/issues/75
<deceit> in other news, teens masturbate entirely way too much, more at 11.
322sekjun987817:23 7 Feb 14<shoghicp> I have not tried that
317LDX02:28 1 Feb 14gh#1137
315LDX00:50 31 Jan 14NullFull c gh#1137
314shoghicp18:44 30 Jan 14<Brandon15811> Not-023, whitelist Not-023
313LDX01:02 28 Jan 14<LDX> deceit: screw your rules
* LDX pees in deceit's mailbox
310shoghicp17:10 27 Jan 14Now I look up gh#1121
308Brandon15811__17:41 26 Jan 14<shoghicp> let me unload things on the bathroom first
<shoghicp> or I won't make it on time if I'm here a little longer
307KnownUnown13:23 26 Jan 14 <+Brandon15811> git revert HEAD~100
<+Brandon15811> git push --force
<+Brandon15811> (don't try that at home kids)
<+Intyre> can i try? I'm not home :)
305LDX03:48 26 Jan 14Ping-All v5 @shoghicp @Intyre @Brandon15811 @Junyi00 @sekjun9878 @antisober552 @williamtdr @Jocopa3 @deceit @MinecraftAddict @humerusj @LDX @Glitchmaster_PE @KnownUnown @leonchang99
304Brandon1501:44 26 Jan 14<jocopa3> distracted by all the pretty colors in my lap
302sekjun987800:10 26 Jan 14<sekjun9878> NullFull c Bridgit Mendler
<NullFull> Hahahahahahahahaha.
301Brandon1500:04 26 Jan 14* KnownUnown beats LDX
<KnownUnown> get back into your closet
300KnownUnown00:03 26 Jan 14 <MrQuoter> [263] <jocopa3> if you wanna buy a present for that special someone, get them this: http://www.amazon.com/Passion-Natural-Water-Based-Lubricant-Gallon/dp/B005MR3IVO
<jocopa3> there is enough lube there to bath in it and run around naked but not being able to be caught
299KnownUnown00:00 26 Jan 14 <LDX> thats lkke saying sekjun has a crush on justin bieber
296LDX01:13 25 Jan 14* LDX slaps a trout with Antisober552
<deceit> did someone double up on their ritalin today?
293shoghicp04:56 24 Jan 14* LDX ([email protected]************) has joined
* LDX 's mom is beating a dead pig with a ceiling fan blade
* LDX 's eardrums are about to rupture
* LDX says bai
* LDX has quit (Client Quit)
<shoghicp> WTF
292Brandon15811__01:12 23 Jan 14<LDX> <LDX> I want to thank the PocketMine team for helping me get out of the closet.
<Chris35000vr> why would you be in a closet anyway? lol
290shoghicp21:11 22 Jan 14<LDX> I want to thank the PocketMine team for helping me get out of the closet.
289humerusj18:05 22 Jan 14stop with the quotes.
288shoghicp17:58 22 Jan 14<KnownUnown> It's fun to say something
<KnownUnown> and look back and reflect on how idiotic you sounded.
286williamtdr16:58 21 Jan 14<KnownUnown> "all your bans are belong to us"
285shoghicp16:13 20 Jan 14gh#1095
283[0__0]00:11 19 Jan 14<[0_o]> Dang they are all registered
<[0__0]> not this one
282Brandon1502:08 12 Jan 14<jocopa3> so, it is true wives really drive you crazy? :o
<deceit> yes
268Brandon1517:37 27 Dec 13<humerusj> Foogle Floud Engine
267Brandon1517:32 27 Dec 13<Antisober552> im still farting like hell
266Brandon1519:21 25 Dec 13<zhuowei> I come to this channel for MCPE news and stay for the weird conversations.
265Brandon1518:47 25 Dec 13<Antisober552> and now im for ever farting
263Brandon1522:20 23 Dec 13<jocopa3> if you wanna buy a present for that special someone, get them this: http://www.amazon.com/Passion-Natural-Water-Based-Lubricant-Gallon/dp/B005MR3IVO
261Brandon1513:18 22 Dec 13<iamadpond_> Il spoon you all night long, nullfull
260Brandon1513:15 22 Dec 13<humerusj> NullFull: wanna spoon?
<NullFull> I'd love to. What is the repo address, sir?
259Brandon1520:07 21 Dec 13<sekjun9878> People who don't hash passwords and operate a website deserve a very special place in hell.
257Glitchmaster_PE19:10 20 Dec 13<Chris35000vr> ive been here before pocketmine even existed
256sekjun987820:03 19 Dec 13<Intyre> make it work then ;)
255sekjun987804:54 19 Dec 13<MrQuoter> [WolframAlpha] - "convert hours from
pm LMT
Sunday, December 31, 23 AD to 24 AD to hours = 3.617 hours" (http://tinyurl.com/kjvq5fw)
253Brandon1520:57 16 Dec 13<Chris35000vr> I came in like wrecking ball
<Brandon15811> Chris35000vr, no, just no.
<IsaiahJTurner> But all he wanted was to break your firewalls...
252Brandon1520:24 16 Dec 13<sekjun9878> Cron is for babies! I use workers like a real PaaS person! <IsaiahJTurner> I'm a cute baby doe.
251Brandon15811_14:12 12 Dec 13<shoghicp> I imagine everyone else naked when they are typing with big hands and small fingers
<shoghicp> also, typing one key at a time, slowly
shoghicp> (and really big bodies!)
<potpotsie> Well everyone we know what shoghicp is into now
<potpotsie> "Big bodied big hand nude people with mini fingers.... I love them" - Shoghicp
250shoghicp13:44 12 Dec 13<deceit> shoghi decided to persue a career in alpaca farming
249shoghicp10:34 12 Dec 13* NullFull ([email protected]/humerusj/bot/nullfull) has joined
<NullFull> Backend not found
<NullFull> <html>
<NullFull> <head><title>500 Internal Server Error</title></head>
<NullFull> <body bgcolor="white">
<NullFull> <center><h1>500 Internal Server Error</h1></center>
<NullFull> <hr><center>ngx_openresty/</center>
<NullFull> </body>
<NullFull> </html>
<shoghicp> xD xD
248deceit20:22 10 Dec 13< deceit> touch my body < InusualZ> yes < InusualZ> no no < deceit> too late
247Brandon1518:59 10 Dec 13<deceit> if i were stalking you, i'd already be masturbating outside your bedroom window
246Brandon1518:48 10 Dec 13<deceit> Brandon15811: so much swag i got dicks coming out mah ears
245Brandon1518:37 10 Dec 13<KnownUnown> bah, just discussing a 10 dollar deal :p
<deceit> you know, prostitution is illegal
<deceit> we don't wanna hear about your '10 dollar deals'
243Brandon1510:41 10 Dec 13<wubberband> stretch me...
242KnownUnown11:04 8 Dec 13 <KnownUnown> DevTools' name is not DevTools
<sekjun9878> Is it actually called ShogChipAmazingObfuscatorOfMagic?
241Brandon1510:36 8 Dec 13<KnownUnown> Adding multiword support to Sheep
<sekjun9878> Why do you need MultiWorld support?
<shoghicp> sekjun9878: multi WORD
240KnownUnown10:33 8 Dec 13 KnownUnown Adding multiword support to Sheep
+ shoghicp KnownUnown: multiworld support?
+ shoghicp what have you done?
238Brandon1581105:41 7 Dec 13<Antisober552> sorry ripping the piss out my brother
<Antisober552> he fell asleep whatching porn lol
<Antisober552> and left it on in his room lol
237Brandon15811_17:44 3 Dec 13<deceit> i came. twice.
233shoghicp14:48 27 Nov 13<Syriamanal> i am testing my new beta plugin keeps server fom laging no need to buy vps lol
232Brandon1513:50 27 Nov 13<deceit> screw your rules
* deceit pees in your mailbox
230sekjun987807:12 25 Nov 1318<shoghicp> I like this small class
229shoghicp14:54 23 Nov 13<shoghicp> Yep, I can type with one hand
<eco_> amazing
228Glitchmaster_PE19:34 22 Nov 13Child: "Mommy, what are Unowns" Mother: "Blood sucking parasites that live off the misery of others"
226Brandon15811_21:01 13 Nov 13zhuowei quit () Quit: Connection reset by pear
225sekjun987803:42 30 Oct 13Ping-All v4 @shoghicp @Intyre @Brandon15811 @Junyi00 @sekjun9878 @antisober552 @williamtdr @Jocopa3 @deceit @MinecraftAddict @humerusj
224Brandon1509:13 23 Oct 13<deceit> HUMP DAAAAAAAAAAYY
<deceit> god damnit, now that commercial is gonna be in my head all day
* Brandon15811 laughs evilly ;D
<deceit> Brandon15811: i hope you fall into a pit of broken glass and lemon juice
<deceit> only to climb out and be stuck in a salt pit
<deceit> where i proceed to douse you in tequila, and drink you like a human margarita
223Brandon1513:38 21 Oct 13<Brandon15811> JWhy, https://twitter.com/search?q=pocketmine&src=typd&f=realtime
<JWhy> omg that's way better than 9gag
222Brandon15811_21:57 19 Oct 13<RxOYAL> Will you two fist each other already?
221KnownUnown15:43 14 Oct 13Number 1 Rule: Don't be a Robert******
220Brandon1513:22 12 Oct 13<St0ll3n> you've ate babies before?
<deceit> yes, yes i have
219Brandon1581122:44 4 Oct 13<MinecraftAddict> humerusj, this is more erotic than that video <MinecraftAddict> with the 6inch man nipples
218AddictSchool12:00 1 Oct 13<deceit> shoghicp was unfortunately caught in a freak sharknado incident, and was eaten <deceit> this is in memorium of shoghicp
217Brandon1581109:57 30 Sep 13<sekjun9878> @shoghicp whether it can be broken is not important, but it's more of the recognition of government surveillance IMO.
<deceit> that's why i look my camera dead in the eye when i masturbate
216Brandon1581112:48 15 Sep 13<humerusj> what do you have in this chest freezer 0.o?
<deceit> food, like any other decent human being...
<deceit> but just for you, i'm going to say cut up children's bodies
<deceit> you're next.
<deceit> o_o
215deceit23:18 12 Sep 13< TanjiRules> nobody can connect to my server hapl < TanjiRules> halp * deceit facedesks through the floor < deceit> suppose you go to a doctor < deceit> and you just tell the doctor, 'it hurts' < deceit> but you never tell them where, why or when it happens, or how it feels < deceit> do you honestly expect the doctor to help/cure you? < TanjiRules> no? < deceit> exactly < deceit> now try again < TanjiRules> doesnt work
214Brandon1581122:56 8 Sep 13* deceit handles humerusj
<andrewp> deceit: eww
<deceit> you're next
<humerusj> Woah deceit easy now
* deceit puts away the lube and nipple clamps
<deceit> i'm not putting away this 2ft dildo though
213Brandon1581101:20 7 Sep 13<deceit> and i like my coffee black, just like my heart
212shoghicp20:10 6 Sep 13<NullFull> Could not open file!
<shader_> Damn null
211williamtdr19:57 6 Sep 13<deceit> you need to dox him and put flaming bags of dog shit on his front step
that at least will give you a sense of accomplishment
210KnownUnown21:26 5 Sep 13 <deceit> i love how german always sounds so damn angry
<deceit> you could say, 'i love your mother'
<deceit> but it could totally sound like, 'i'm raping you with a pitchfork'
<+Intyre> no it doesnt
<+Intyre> ich liebe dich mother
207xXDARK_KNIGHTXx21:03 4 Sep 13(xXDARK_KNIGHTXx) Pocketmine is a very smart usefull tool to host minecraft pocket edition servers
206shoghicp18:42 4 Sep 1318<20deceit> kids = 18 yr prison sentence
205sekjun987809:05 4 Sep 1318<antisober552> i was thinking the same
204sekjun987809:04 4 Sep 1318<deceit> how is that even remotely funny
203sekjun987809:04 4 Sep 13<Intyre> deceit: im you father
<antisober552> me either
202shoghicp04:32 4 Sep 1318<28antisober552> someone is sleeping in my bed with me
201Junyi0006:24 2 Sep 13<Junyi00> i thought u were trying to talk crap in here
<sekjun9878> Isn't that what I always do?
199sekjun987808:05 31 Aug 13Mojang-Complain v1 https://twitter.com/AntiMCPE/status/373778084366807042
198sekjun987806:13 31 Aug 13<shoghicp> On android it runs better than on my computer
197shoghicp04:49 31 Aug 13<shoghicp> I don't have a mobile phone
<shoghicp> I've a vibrator
196sekjun987804:48 31 Aug 13<shoghicp> I've a vibrator
195KnownUnown23:22 30 Aug 13+ sekjun9878 "I want your son to be my slave. Please sign this contract."
194deceit23:43 29 Aug 13<tntloverlol> im 12 wat is this?
192tntloverlol23:41 29 Aug 13<deceit> i smoke pot daily, you have no excuse
190Brandon1581111:38 28 Aug 13<shoghicp> typo incoming
<Connor4898> xD grandapocolypse
<Connor4898> *grandma
188shoghicp19:54 27 Aug 13<ns827> In fact, some terrorists have been tried to shut down the server using this route. [gh#697]
187shoghicp18:41 27 Aug 1318<24MinecraftAddict> my sisters still do that dav1d
18<24MinecraftAddict> deceit**
18<26dav1d> learn to tab

18* 24MinecraftAddict makes sure not to mistakenly tab dav1d again.
186shoghicp10:47 27 Aug 13<Hexdro> Im making a platformer ._. Thats going to use famours MCPE forumers as characters, id like to join. mine is SoraPrinceSora (skype)
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