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185williamtdr10:45 27 Aug 13<Hexdro> >~> coding is borin
183Intyre21:09 22 Aug 13AddictEATING: I bet his name isnt even Brandon... Its probably something like Vladimir....
182deceit20:30 22 Aug 13< ApexVictory> xd it says to unzip brb
180KnownUnown15:04 19 Aug 13!m shoghicp, Brandon15811, sekjun9878, williamtdr, and Intyre
179shoghicp14:43 19 Aug 1318<19popa> I'am don't know,why my server? people can't see&
178sekjun987807:22 18 Aug 13<shoghicp> ¬¬
177UnownKnown22:14 15 Aug 13<deceit> 0.7.3 introduced a ton of bugs :|
<Eggs> what bugs ?
176KnownUnown21:32 15 Aug 13No ETA's on PocketMine releases or MCPE releases, we're not magical dwarves and fairies.
175KnownUnown19:21 12 Aug 13<MrQuoter> KnownUnown: I really like that Brandon15811_
174sekjun987800:44 10 Aug 13<Brandon15811> then do it the github way
173shoghicp13:28 8 Aug 13<deceit> what about her, she glows in the dark and has tentacles
172shoghicp17:08 7 Aug 1318<28KnownUnown> An upside down horse walking on it's head just walked up to my terminal.
171Brandon1581114:10 5 Aug 13<deceit> i'm going to rape your face with a shovel
170Brandon15811_10:49 4 Aug 13Jocopa3 The sun...it's so bright...
168xXDARK_KNIGHTXx22:59 1 Aug 13<xXDARK_KNIGHTXx> who wondered where the word dickhead arganated from? it all started from a black guy with a fat head shaped like the tip of the dick
167williamtdr22:37 1 Aug 13<KnownUnown_> I like lag
166KnownUnown__14:16 1 Aug 13brb back
165shoghicp14:16 1 Aug 13I would tell you a UDP joke, but you might not get it.... I would tell you a TCP joke but I don't want to keep repeating it.
164IsaiahJTurner01:40 1 Aug 13<xXDARK_KNIGHTXx_> i have 7 laptops n cant run the sart.cmd
163deceit00:04 1 Aug 13< nikosanders81> hes going to rape the bager so shine them good sekjun
162williamtdr23:26 31 Jul 13<sekjun9878> But shoghicp can buy it, he is loaded!
161Brandon15811_17:26 31 Jul 13<deceit> TIL shoghicp works for brazzers <deceit> 13:46 <+shoghicp> let's see how many players you can handle at once
160Brandon15811_16:58 29 Jul 13<deceit> shoghicp: if anything, just tell everyone you're chronically masturbating
159Brandon1581114:47 28 Jul 13<BacMaFServerHost> ls <deceit> horse_porn/ . <deceit> .. <deceit> .profile <deceit> .history <deceit> .cshrc
158Brandon1581114:50 27 Jul 13<deceit> well i'm gonna uncraft my pants and introduce myself to your mom
157PsuFan14:33 27 Jul 13<deceit> no, this dick isn't going to suck itself... and i've been waiting over an hour
156Brandon1581115:27 26 Jul 13<deceit> intyre you're a whore
155humerusj18:08 25 Jul 13<deceit> i'll let the wife yell at me later; <deceit> worst she can do is shoot me
154Brandon1581116:10 25 Jul 13<deceit> i need help making a baby
153deceit20:51 24 Jul 13< PsuFan> although, i dont think missles have as much punch as missiles...
152KnownUnown10:38 24 Jul 13* KnownUnown slaps ChanServ around a bit with a large trout
ChanServ has kicked KnownUnown from #mcpedevs (Banned: Don't slap me)
150MinecraftAddict00:24 24 Jul 13<MinecraftAddict> excuse me for a moment... I'm going to make williamtdr's house mysteriously catch fire.
149Brandon1581122:47 23 Jul 13<IsaiahJTurner> [WARNING] Can't keep up! Are your balls overloaded?
148Brandon1581122:18 23 Jul 13<A_COOL_GUY_> Isaiah why are the servers not up? <deceit> because you touch yourself at night
147shoghicp14:44 23 Jul 1319<yvo_duh> I feel like a badass I am talking to @shoghicp / @PocketMine !!!!
146Brandon1581101:54 23 Jul 13* TruthBTold is now known as ThunderTurd
145deceit00:53 23 Jul 13< drphil> i was a woman once -!- drphil [[email protected]] has quit [Disconnected by services] < deceit> it was worth it
144MinecraftAddict00:22 23 Jul 13<Mr.President> *almost pushing undo global warming button* Oh that was a close call... Why the hell do we even have this other button here?
143Brandon1581123:34 22 Jul 13<Intyre> Im stupid. <wiIliamtdr> im more stupid then Intyre
142Brandon1581123:15 22 Jul 13<williamtdr> I've come to the mcpedevs afterhours.
141shoghicp20:17 22 Jul 13<deceit> hubot c eat a bowl of dicks
<Hubot>I think rabbits should rule the word.
140shoghicp19:55 22 Jul 13<Brandon15811> hubot c Can we create something beautiful and then DESTROY IT?
<Hubot7> Yes. Wikipedia is always edited by idiots ;).
139St0ll3n|away19:02 22 Jul 13<Kyle> deceit: fucking listen
138shoghicp14:00 22 Jul 1318<19Kyle> note to self, don't accept translations from IsaiahJTurner
137Brandon1581112:57 22 Jul 13<IsaiahJTurner> My life is ruined! I'm out of bacon and all of the ice cream is freezer burnt! 😭
136Brandon1581119:56 21 Jul 13<Intyre> mac sucks!
135Brandon15811_15:36 21 Jul 13<deceit> you've apparently never been to *that* side of youtube then
134Intyre13:17 21 Jul 13<nikosanders81112> no im im retarted and awesome
133deceit00:05 21 Jul 13< deceit> are you retarded, or just dense? < RobertClarke> both sir
132Brandon1581122:15 20 Jul 13<humerusj> I wanna see you pee in his mailbox
131Brandon1581122:12 20 Jul 13<deceit> if it locks up again, i'm gonna come to your house and pee in your mailbox <deceit> just an fyi
130deceit21:56 20 Jul 13< IsaiahJTurner> Damp autocorrect
129deceit21:56 20 Jul 13< IsaiahJTurner> Got some judge booties up in here
128shoghicp19:38 20 Jul 13<MinecraftAddict> shoghicp: so... how does it feel to be popular?
127Brandon1581119:34 20 Jul 13<MinecraftAddict> deceit: Antisober552: if you drink rum before 10am, ur a pirate, not an alcoholic...
126Brandon1581117:41 20 Jul 13<Antisober552> im in the shower room holding my pants tight cause its a mans jail lol
125Brandon1581115:20 20 Jul 13<deceit> shoghicp: why does it burn when i pee?
124Brandon1581113:24 20 Jul 13<Antisober552> i only use my phone for business if you know what i mean lol
123sekjun987822:15 19 Jul 13Go-To-Sleep v1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-vDYOpkoWE#t=52s
122sekjun987822:12 19 Jul 13* mack_ has quit (Quit: Ragequit)
121Brandon1581119:40 19 Jul 13<deceit> antisober552: there's a special place in hell for you
120Brandon1581116:17 19 Jul 13<deceit> just a public service announcement <deceit> i put on my pants, like a big boy <deceit> end of PSA
119KnownUnown13:57 19 Jul 13<antisober552> i dont think i want to click that link idk why maybe because it came from deceit
118sekjun987822:26 18 Jul 13IWdldHF1b3RlIDExOA==
117KnownUnown21:46 18 Jul 13<KnownUnown> https://www.dropbox.com/s/bx06qlmg8ohmjl1/shoghicpmad.png [20:44] <KnownUnown> I now present to you: The mad shoghicp
116williamtdr19:49 18 Jul 13<Intyre> williamtdr: stfu lol
115williamtdr18:28 18 Jul 13<williamtdr> hubot what is bot abuse <Hubot8> To constantly use triggers on something such as irc. Usually done out of boredom. Something you might be doing right now.
114williamtdr17:18 18 Jul 13* Intyre likes Brandon15811 better <Intyre> <3
113shoghicp14:52 18 Jul 13<williamtdr> There are severql thibgs un playervequipment.
<williamtdr> Samsung keyboard sucjs
110sekjun987819:54 17 Jul 13<deceit> centos is for noobs
109williamtdr11:05 17 Jul 13<Intyre> howmany dupes? <williamtdr> 0 <shoghicp> that is what he thinks
108sekjun987805:10 16 Jul 13* shoghicp has quit (Quit: All Your Base Are Belong To Us)
107sekjun987805:05 16 Jul 13<shoghicp> Blame Mojang
106Brandon1581100:49 16 Jul 13<deceit> my pets creep me out sometimes <deceit> they're all laying around me <deceit> like i'm about to be some human sacrifice
104Brandon1581123:50 15 Jul 13<deceit> yes, my wife and kid grow pot in their spare time
<deceit> oh and when they're not doing that, they're turning tricks downtown
103Brandon1581123:36 15 Jul 13<deceit> my cat is such a hustler
101williamtdr23:02 15 Jul 13<humerusj> Is this all you do Brandon?
100williamtdr22:47 15 Jul 13<sekjun9878> Can I have some of your money? Consider it a personal project.
99sekjun987822:40 15 Jul 13<williamtdr> Brandon15811: are all of them on realms now?
97Brandon1581120:32 14 Jul 13<RobertClarke> It's the weekend <RobertClarke> Everything else can suck it.
96williamtdr20:13 14 Jul 13<evilboy_12> :( <deceit> :( <williamtdr> :( <Brandon15811> :(
95Brandon1581117:28 14 Jul 13<antisober552_> i hate mrquoter tho
92williamtdr13:11 13 Jul 13<kenslee123> shoghicp: you are officialy the most awesome person that i know :D
90shoghicp10:15 13 Jul 13<Intyre> we had alot of people asking questions, i shot myself twice, sekjun9878 jumped from a building, Brandon jumped infront of a train, and antisober runned agains a wall!
89KnownUnown16:27 11 Jul 13<williamtdr> I'm on my ZuneHD.
I don't have tabs.
<Intyre> http://www.google.com always works
<williamtdr> It's based on internet explorer 6.
Nothing renders right.
Only connects to chat half the time.
<OrangePieX> sarcasm isn't helping
<williamtdr> But its better than my ereader.
88Brandon1581117:13 10 Jul 13<Intyre> everything you say can and WILL be used against you!
87Intyre17:12 10 Jul 13williamtdr: I sat on my old headphones and they brokoe, but they sound better than my new ones. So I strapped a rubber band to my face. Music sounds awesome, but this hurts. http://imgur.com/wbIJWle
86Intyre08:51 10 Jul 13 Download https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-Realms/archive/master.zip 2. Put the plugin in the plugin folder 3. Start & stop the server 4. Edit the config.yml https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-Realms#configuration
85shoghicp07:47 10 Jul 13<Intyre> Putt Putt vs Mojang AB the movie: Let the fun begin!
84Intyre07:44 10 Jul 13@notch: Putt Putt being silly: http://imgur.com/a/molzg
82Brandon1581118:35 9 Jul 13<antisober552> shoghicp how stable is the latest dev
<shoghicp> antisober552: it doesn't crash right in your face
81Brandon1581114:01 9 Jul 13<shoghicp> "this worked on Windows, no wonder why no people use Linux today"
79sekjun987806:10 9 Jul 13<shoghicp> yes, and then, a retweet
78sekjun987806:03 9 Jul 13<Not-001> ...
76sekjun987806:02 9 Jul 13<shoghicp> xD Xd
75sekjun987806:01 9 Jul 13<sekjun9878> I'll check that later
74shoghicp06:00 9 Jul 1320<shoghicp>30 I'll check that later
73sekjun987806:00 9 Jul 13I'll check that later
72shoghicp13:23 8 Jul 13<antisober552> i dont like this os i need another one
71Brandon1581101:11 7 Jul 13<Intyre|blue> https://mojang.atlassian.net/browse/MCPE-4582
<Intyre|blue> sekjun9878: gimme your shotgun please!
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